Video Cutter App Without Reducing Quality and How to Use It

Uploading content in the form of videos is currently a trend for many people. Especially if they are really interested in becoming content creators. For those of you, if you want to follow these developments, you can use several video cutter applications without reducing quality.

How to Cut Video with Video Cutter App Without Reducing Quality

There are many video cutter apps that you can use for editing. Of course this is included in one of the basic editing capabilities so that an editor must master it. Even beginners don’t need to worry because there are complete features in the editing process.

  1. How to Trim Video on PC Devices Without Application

Next, some applications are only for mobile users. But this time you can know how to cut videos for PC users. Even some of its features are already available directly in Windows 10 so it feels very helpful.

This first method does not require you to have a help application but you really want to shoot videos without the help of the application. The steps are also quite easy, as follows:

  • Open your PC device
  • Play the video you want to cut
  • Click on the pencil icon in the lower right corner
  • Select on the Trim . menu
  • Set the start and end duration of the video
  • Click the Save as button to save it
  • Provide a file name
  • Define storage location
  • Click the Save button to wait for the process
  1. How to Edit Videos Using InShot

One of the most popular video applications that you can use to cut videos is Inshot. Some users admit that this apk is very useful without reducing its quality. The trimming feature itself is one of the most basic editing techniques.

  • Install InShot via Play Store on your cellphone
  • If you have, go to the application and select on the Video menu
  • Select the video you want to cut in duration
  • Click on the green button to continue
  • Go to the main editor view, click on the Trim menu at the top left
  • Adjust the position by sliding the green circle to the right or left
  • Click the Save button on the top right
  • Click Save again
  • Select the resolution for your video to export
  • Choose 1080P resolution for maximum results
  1. How to Trim Videos with VivaVideo

There are several things you need to pay attention to before editing videos using Viva Video. This is indeed recommended for all users so that they can more easily in the editing process. Prepare videos and songs as the backsoung so you don’t have to search anymore while working.

  • Download the Viva Video app on PlayStore or Appstore
  • Click on the search field
  • Type Viva Video
  • Click on the search result, click the Install button
  • Wait until the VivaVideo application is successfully installed
  • Open the Viva Video app
  • Enter the main view, click the Edit button
  • Select the video you want to edit
  • Click on the folder containing the video files before editing
  • Click the Add button
  • Add video themes according to your needs
  • Choose a video theme from the available options in Viva Video
  • Set video sound
  • Click on the Music menu
  • Edit music and background according to your content needs
  • Find the current audio symbol
  • Wait until the music bar appears according to the original video
  • Remove the original audio from the video if you want to add an audio menu
  • Click on the Audio icon
  • Wait until the Original Audio in the Video is Off notification appears
  • Continue with editing the background of the theme you have chosen
  • Click on the Tap to Add Music menu
  • Click the My Library menu if the music option is already available
  • Cut the music by clicking on the two blocks icon on the left and right
  • Slide two white blocks to pick up only a certain part of the audio
  • Wait until the line is orange, the music will appear in the video
  • Click on the Add button to add another piece of music
  • Click on the Share menu in the upper right corner of the orange color
  • Choose one of the social media as the sharing media
  • Click the Document icon to save it to the HP memory
  1. How to Use Video Shows to Create a Storyboard

The next application that you can also use is Video Show, especially if you want to create a storyboard. This one content contains several stories to compile into one according to the story script to become a video. Here’s how to use it:

  • Download and install the Video Show application from your HP device
  • Download via PlayStore for Android and AppStore for iPhone
  • Wait until the installation process is complete
  • Enter the Video Show app
  • Click one of the menus as needed from Video Edit, Shoot Video and Slide Show
  • Select the image or video you want to edit
  • Find separate folders so that all files are collected into one
  • Click on the Folder menu that you have prepared
  • Enter one by one according to the order of the videos
  • Select the Video theme, click the Start button
  • Click on the Theme menu to choose a theme according to your video needs
  • Wait until the orange icon appears on the selected theme
  • Start editing and select audio video
  • Click on the Music menu
  • First, remove the default music from the theme if it doesn’t feel right
  • Click the Trash icon in the lower right corner
  • Wait until the background music automatically disappears
  • Select an available song in your playlist
  • Click on the Music menu tab
  • Select the song you want to add
  • Click the Save button in the upper right corner
  • Specify the resolution and file type so that they are not in draft form
  • Click the Save button again in the upper right corner
  • Click on the Save to Gallery menu to enter the HP storage
  1. How to Cut Video in Kinemaster Via HP

Of course you are already familiar with this one video editing application. Given that the apk provides many interesting features to make it easier for users in the editing process, one of which is cutting videos. Generally because the duration is too long or adjusts to the song

  • Download and install the Kinemaster application first on your cellphone or iPhone
  • Click on the Create New button
  • Select the aspect ratio you will need, for example 16 : 9
  • Click the Next menu
  • Find the video file you want to cut or trim
  • Add video by kik + . icon
  • If the video is already entered in the editing page, specify the location of the video duration
  • If you have, click on the Scissors icon menu
  • Know that there are 4 tools you can use to cut videos
  • Crop to the left of the playhead, trim and remove videos to the left
  • Crop to the right of the playhead, trim and delete videos to the right
  • Split on playhead, cut video into two parts
  • Split and insert freeze frames, cut videos in half to turn them into pictures. Then insert it in the middle of the video playhead for a successful cut.
  • Please select one of the tools you will need
  • Video cropping has been successful via the Kinemaster app
  • Done
  1. How to Crop Video Screen in Kinemaster

Not only does it work in the trimming function, you can rely on this Kinemaster to cut the screen size to make it look more appropriate. Here are the ways:

  • Open the Kinemaster application on your laptop or cellphone
  • Click on the Create New menu to specify the aspect ratio
  • Select the background you will use
  • Insert the video with the screen size you want to crop
  • Click the Layer menu, then Media
  • Find and select the video you want to cut
  • Click on the video, click the Trim menu
  • Crop video screen by dragging tools-L
  • You have successfully cropped the video to size
  1. How to Trim Videos with Filmora

Every video editing application certainly provides a feature to cut a video into several parts. Given that this menu has become a basic technique in the editing process. One of them you can use the Filmora application where users can also access it via HP devices only.

  • Download and install the Filmora Go application on your Android phone on PlayStore
  • Click on the New Project button at the bottom of the main screen
  • Select the video file you want to cut
  • Click the Import menu to enter it as needed
  • Click on the Trim menu in the lower left corner
  • Swipe and select at the beginning and end of the video
  • The beginning and end of your video have been deleted successfully

Another feature available in Filmora Go is Split. This means that you can cut the video in the middle so that it is not at the beginning or end where you only need to shift the duration. Of course the editing process like this is also one of the processes most needed by the editor.

  • Download and install the Filmora Go application on your Android phone on PlayStore
  • Click on the New Project button at the bottom of the main screen
  • Select and enter the video you want to edit
  • Click on the Import button to insert the video
  • Tap on the video layer according to the timeline
  • Slide the timeline to the center you want to cut
  • Click on the Split menu
  • Video was successfully cut into two parts with a separate timeline
  • Delete the parts of the video you don’t want to need
  • Click on the Delete menu at the bottom of the video
  • You have successfully cut the video
  1. How to Cut a Video with the CapCut App

For those of you TikTok users who also often upload content and follow trends, of course you are already familiar with the CatCut application to get the template. But other than that, the application actually also functions to cut a video. Here’s how to do it

  • Download and install the CapCut application on your HP device
  • Insert the video you want to edit in CapCut
  • Click on the incoming video (1)
  • Determine where the video duration should be cut (2)
  • Click on the Share menu at the bottom (3)
  • If you have, the video will be cut according to the point you have selected
  • Delete the parts you no longer need
  • Click on the pre-cut vodeo duration (1)
  • Click on the Delete button in the lower right corner (2)

Not only does it feel very easy to cut videos from the Share menu, but as a user you can also cut the right, left or any side as needed. Generally some editors need it so that the size is just right and neater.

  • Download and install the CapCut application on your HP device
  • Insert the video you want to edit in CapCut
  • Click on your previously logged video (1)
  • Click on the Edit menu in the menu bar at the bottom (2)
  • Click on the Crop menu in the bottom corner
  • Select and choose which parts you need to cut
  • Adjust video size with comparison scale format to make it easier
  • Click the tick icon in the lower right corner
  1. How to Cut Video Using Adobe Premiere Pro

For editors who are experts, of course, they are familiar with the Adobe Premiere Pro application. Because the features in it are indeed able to support content creators in creating a film project so that it is not just video editing.

  • Download and install Adobe Premiere Pro software first
  • Click on the New Project menu to start
  • Add Project Name at once
  • Specify the storage location of the file to be edited
  • Adjust other settings if necessary
  • Click on the keyboard (CTRL + N) or the Sequence menu
  • Save two or more episodes into one project file
  • Adjust to the video file you have when determining the Sequence
  • Previously, find out the resolution size of the file
  • Go to the file location, right click
  • Click on the Properties menu
  • Click on the Details menu
  • Please change the name on the Sequence as needed
  • Click OK button to continue
  • Click on the File menu
  • Click on the Import menu or CTLR + L to insert a video
  • Click on the video according to your content creation needs
  • Wait for Adobe Premier to save automatically
  • Save videos with your naming needs
  • Move videos into timeline
  • Drag the timeline on Drop Video
  • Use the Trim tool available on the timeline
  • Or cut it by hovering the cursor at the end of the video
  • Just drag your video as you wish
  • Video duration has been successfully cut and reduced
  • Set the video to fit the cut video
  • Right click on Video
  • Click on the Unlink menu
  • Wait until automatically, audio and video will shift together
  • Check the display below after you click the Unlink menu
  • Make a video arrangement from the cut in stages
  • Also add the appropriate music through the following menu
  • Rearrange the audio you want to add
  • Go to the Project field
  • Right click on the edited video
  • Click the Import menu or CTRL + I
  • Cropped video and audio adjusted successfully

Actually there are many video cutter applications without reducing quality you can use. Given that currently creating content has become a trend for many people, it must be able to produce quality work. Don’t forget to directly share via social media.

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