Top 10 Guitar Stem Apps for Android

For those of you who like to play guitar, now you don’t have to bother in tuning the guitar. Where there is already a guitar stem control application that now helps you to get the frequency or guitar sound instrument as desired.

So you no longer need to bother to tune the guitar manually. Later you just have to follow the instructions from the application to tune the guitar.

The app helps adjust in which direction the guitar’s settings are best used. Of course it will be a convenience for users.

This kind of application has also been widely downloaded for android users in their needs to do guitar tuning. So you no longer need to doubt the accuracy of the application.

Curious what the application is? Here’s a row of the best guitar stem apps for Android that you can download for free.

  1. Guitar Stem

The first application is a guitar tuning application which is quite widely used by Android users. This application is able to provide guitar tuning with the best settings. This application made by Gismart will later direct you to adjust the settings as set by this application. You only need to see the guitar tuning settings in this application.

This best guitar tuner application is certainly not in doubt in terms of quality. Because this app is able to create existing tunings, with tones from 1 hertz to 22050 hz.

The thing you have to pay attention to is when tuning the guitar, don’t force it too much if your guitar strings are tight. Because many reviews that have used this application say that their guitar strings break.

The advantage of this application is that you can use it for free and ad-free. It has been downloaded by more than 10 million android users worldwide. And make this application the number one best guitar tuner application. You can directly use this application on android version 2.3 or higher.

  1. Free Guitar Tuner

Free Guitar Tuner is also no less good than the first guitar stem application. Because this application can adjust guitar tuning properly and accurately. You can directly tune the guitar just by pressing the existing tune. This app will automatically tune the strings directly.

You can also adjust various tunes in this application. Among them are Standard Guitar (6 or 7 strings) Drop D, Drop C guitar, bass guitar strings, or even ukulele though. You only need to press the existing string, and this application will quickly adjust, detect, and display the guitar settings as you want.

The size of this application is fairly light, no more than 1 MB. In addition to its lightweight advantages, this application is also very easy to use. To be able to use it you need to use android version 2.1 or higher.

  1. Tuner – DaTuner

DaTuner is one of the chromatic tuner applications on Android that presents a simple interface but has excellent functions. Where users can make adjustments or guitar stems accurately as desired.

This application will later help in setting the fundamental frequency and analyze the error as small as possible. So that users get the tune as expected. For the frequency itself can be set starting from the range of 8kHz – 48kHz.

  1. PitchLab Guitar Tuner (PRO)

PitchLab Guitar Tuner (Pro) has advanced functionality, and is designed for both beginners and professional guitar players. In other words, this application has a myriad of advanced features that you can rely on to adjust the frequency or tone of the guitar optimally.

In addition, it also has a visualization display that is easy to access. Yep, users can easily adjust the screen orientation in just a few touches.

Interestingly, this application provides advanced features that can be purchased in-app (IAP). Among these features are Pitch Spectrogram, Tone Generator, Strobe Tuner, Split Screen, and Chord Matrix.

The series of features mentioned earlier have advanced functions and are not available in the demo version.

  1. Cifra Club Tuner

To maximize the instrument sting on your guitar, the Cifra Club Tuner is the right choice for you to use. Yep, because here you can get advanced and exclusive features related to sound instruments, such as acoustic guitar, guitar, bass and ukulele.

By simply following the pointer on the screen, you can get a very good sound frequency when the strings are played. 50 million android users have used this application made by Studio Sol, are you also interested in trying it?

  1. Chromatic Tuner

Chromatic Tuner is a tune tool that serves to perfect the instrument on the guitar strings. This application is able to create mid-range-high instruments ranging from 70 Hz – 500 Hz which can be adjusted as needed.

For the display itself, it will show analog like clockwork. Simple but meaningful, that’s what is presented in this application made by a German developer.

  1. Pro Guitar Tuner

Developed by the developer of the most popular online guitar stem site, it can be said that the accuracy of this Pro Guitar Tuner does not need to be in doubt.

This app will analyze frequencies in real-time from a microphone, headset, guitar clip or other external device. Since this app is chromatic, you can use it to tune various stringed instruments.

  1. n-Track Guitar Tuner

Through the n-Track Guitar Tuner app, you can create the best possible instrument by playing each string. The tuner will automatically recognize the frequency or sound when you play the guitar.

To decrease the frequency you can shift the green bar, while to increase it you just lower the red bar according to the desired frequency.

Other advanced features available here include adjustment of the visualization spectrum, which you can later reduce the tuning sensitivity to up to 0.1 cents.

  1. Pano Tuner

You can rely on this chromatic tuner application not only for guitar tuning, you can also use it to adjust violin, ukulele, and other stringed instruments.

Through the Pano Tuner, you can adjust the frequency sensitivity according to your typical music preferences. Unfortunately, the free version is not as complete as if you upgrade this application. Where you will get more advanced features, such as deeper chords settings.

  1. Tuner & Metronome

With just a few touches, you can get a good and correct guitar stem. Tuner & Metronome is actually designed for beginner and professional guitarists. In other words, the features available here have also been relied on by many musicians.

This application made by Soundcorset itself provides 2 tuning methods, including the chromatic tuner and the pitch fork. The default frequency is 440Hz and can be adjusted as desired.

Not only can it be relied on for guitar tuning purposes, users can also use it for various types of musical instruments such as violin, bass, ukulele, cello, and many more.

That’s the list of the best guitar stem apps for Android. Well, now you can now do the best guitar tuning without any hassle. Set the guitar tuning as you like, play the guitar whenever and wherever!

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