Some Easy Ways to Backup LINE Chats

When you want to move your old device to a new device, don’t forget to know how to backup LINE chats first. Moreover, the application does provide backup and restore features. That way, existing data will not be easily lost even if you change to a new device.

Get to know the LINE App

LINE is an application that you can use to communicate. Including as an instant messenger. The application is available for free so users can download it either on the Windows Store, App Store, or Play Store.

You can use the LINE application on your PC, computer, tablet, or smartphone. By connecting it to the internet, users can communicate with fellow LINE users. Whether it’s sending messages, making phone and video calls, sending stickers, and more.

This Japanese-made application provides many features for its users. It’s just that making LINE requires a large amount of memory and resources when you want to use it. However, there are still many people who use the application as their favorite chat application.

LINE App Functions

You can actually use the LINE application not only as a medium of communication and information between users. Because the application has been developed in many ways. Starting from entertainment, payments, services, to business though. Below are some of its functions:

  1. Communication Media

LINE is indeed one of the personal and public communication media. Each user will be able to send messages to each other briefly. Whether it’s in the form of text, photos, images, videos, or various other types of file formats.

This application itself relies on the internet to be able to send messages for free and freely according to the needs of its users. LINE itself has also utilized end-to-end encryption technology for the security of sending group and personal messages.

  1. Media Storage and Sharing

You can also take advantage of the keep feature so that it can be useful for storing various types of files. Starting from images, text, photos, videos, documents, audio, links, and much more. The existence of this feature also makes it easier for users to share files through chat rooms.

There are also other features such as backup, restore, to the timeline. The timeline feature itself allows each user to create stories or stories in the form of videos or photos. There are also the addition of certain effects Instagram as well as Facebook.

How to Backup LINE Chats

LINE is a messaging app with restore and backup features. That way, when you want to change to a new device, of course you don’t have to worry about losing chat data. For that, see some more complete backup methods below:

  1. Backup Chat LINE

So that all chats in the LINE application are not lost when you want to move them to a new device, then make sure you make a backup of the conversations. This backup process will occur via Google Drive. To be more clear, first know the complete steps below:

  • Prepare your old device
  • Open the LINE app
  • Scroll to the far right of the tab
  • Press the Settings menu
  • Select the Chat menu
  • Go to the Back Up and Restore Chat History
  • Set the Google Account you want to use
  • Press the menu Back up to Google Drive
  • Done
  1. Restore Chat LINE

If all chats have been backed up, then each user can restore the backup to their new device. To do this yourself you can apply the Restore feature. Therefore, consider some of the ways below:

  • Set up a new device
  • Open the LINE app
  • Scroll to the right tab
  • Select the Settings menu
  • Click the Chat menu
  • Go to the Back Up and Restore Chat History option
  • Set Google Account for LINE chat backup
  • Make sure to select the Restore menu
  1. How to Backup to Google Drive

For iOS or Android users, make sure you understand first how to back up chats in the LINE application. In this case, you can use an email address from Google to be able to save the backup file to Google Drive. Below is the full way:

  • Open the LINE app
  • Select the Settings menu
  • Click Chat
  • Go to the Backup/Restore Chat History menu
  • Press the Google Account menu
  • Make sure to login first using a Google account
  • Next, select the menu Backup to Google Drive
  • Wait until the backup process is complete
  • You have successfully backed up your LINE chats
  1. How to Check Backup Files

If you have successfully backed up chats in the LINE application, then there is no harm in viewing the backup results on Google Drive. This method is to ensure that the file is completely backed up. Therefore, see the steps below:

  • Sign in to Google Drive
  • Either via a web browser or an application
  • Select the Storage option
  • Click the Backup menu
  • The backup file will be visible
  • You can already check it
  1. How to Backup from Android to iPhone

If you want to move an Android device to an iPhone device, then you can also do a backup method easily. Whether it’s backing up chat data, videos, or contacts using the help of a laptop or computer. Below are some steps:

  • Install iTunes 12.1 first
  • Make sure to turn on LINE on iPhone
  • In addition, also install Backuptrans Android Line to iPhone Transfer
  • Next, connect the Android device and iPhone using a USB cable
  • Wait until the notification appears on the Android device
  • Select the Backup My Data menu
  • Press OK on the PC or computer
  • The application will load other data from Android so that it can be displayed to PC
  • Click the Line chat list you want to move
  • Tap the Transfer Messages from Android to iPhone menu
  • You can also right-click on one of the devices
  • Select the Messages from Android to iPhone menu
  • Specify the target iPhone so that it can send the chat history
  • Continue by clicking Confirm
  • Done
  1. How to Backup LINE Contacts

If you want to back up chats like contacts, then another way is to back them up individually. The reason is, it really can’t be backed up at the same time. Therefore, see the full method below:

  • Open the LINE app
  • Select the Settings menu
  • Click the Account menu
  • Press the Email and User ID Registration menu
  • Done
  • LINE contacts will be backed up automatically
  1. How to Backup One of LINE Chats

The chat backup process is the same as uploading files to Cloud Online. You can back up one of the chats from that LINE friend’s contact. Therefore, make sure you know how first. Below are some steps:

  • Open Chat Room from LINE contacts
  • Tap the three stacked lines at the top right
  • Select the Other Settings menu
  • Click Send Chat History
  • Press the LINE Keep . menu
  • Wait until the process is successful
  • Done

That was a complete explanation of several ways to backup LINE chat. Now anyone can do these backups in an easy way. That way, various data in the application can be saved to the latest device without being deleted.

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