How to Make a Google Form Easily and Quickly Without Cost

Now everyone can use Google Forms for various needs. Starting from creating questionnaire data, compiling product delivery addresses, collecting member lists, and many others. Therefore, be sure to immediately learn how to create a Google Form.

Know What is Google Form

Google Form is a service that will make it easier for every user to create online forms. Generally the contents are in the form of questions or questionnaires according to the needs of the maker. No wonder so many people have taken advantage of this service.

When you use this service, you can easily get answers or data from many people. Later, other people can fill in the data directly. Anyone can also access it easily according to the wishes of the creator.

Google Form itself is also one of the most effective and practical services to get certain information. Moreover, the manufacturing process is also quite easy and simple. Of course, anyone can create the form according to their individual needs.

Some Google Form Functions

As in the previous explanation, Google Forms is a service with various uses and benefits for each user. Whether it’s in the field of work, business, education, to the company though. So what are the functions of these services? Below in full:

  1. Create a Registration Form

The first function that you can take advantage of from Google Forms is to create a registration form. For example, when you want to open a job vacancy. That way, opening vacancies can be done online in a practical way.

Not only practical, of course it will be faster in reaching more job applicants. Of course, it will also be easier to get qualified qualifications as needed. It’s no wonder that companies will be able to get quality resources in their offices.

  1. Create a Questionnaire

Another function that you can get when using Google Forms is to create a questionnaire. Of course the questionnaire is in the form of a form. Later users can fill it with suggestions, reviews, criticism, feedback or feedback.

Not only that, users can also use it to fill in evaluation data to form needs for research. No wonder the existence of the Google Form has often been used in the field of scientific research or education.

  1. As Worksheet

You also need to know that the existence of Google Forms can also be used to create worksheet filling forms. That way, anyone can access the form to fill out the worksheet more effectively and quickly.

In addition, you can use this form from Google to upload documents, do schoolwork, make multiple-choice or fill-in questions, and many others. Therefore, try to use it.

How to Create Google Forms?

You need to know, that making Google Forms is actually very easy. Users can even do it for free at no cost via the browser. Therefore, make sure to first understand the steps to make it below:

  1. Create via Google Drive

You can create Google Forms using Google Drive. Therefore, make sure to create a Google account first. The reason is, both services require an account to be able to access them. Below are some more steps:

  • Open Google Drive
  • Press menu New
  • Wait until there is a display of Google service options
  • Make sure you select Google Form
  • Start creating Google Forms as needed
  1. Create Via Google Link

In addition to using Google Drive, you can also use Google links to be able to create Google Forms according to your needs. For the way itself is also quite easy. However, to make it clearer, be sure to listen to the full review below:

  • Go to the main page of Google Forms
  • You can also use the following link
  • If you have, select a blank form
  • You can also use the provided templates
  • Go to the editor page
  • Determine the purpose of creating the form
  • Create a list of questions
  • Press the + icon to add a new question
  • Choose the answer using checkboxes or multiple choice
  • You can also fill in the answers by selecting the Add Other menu
  1. How to Add a New Question

If you have implemented some of the steps above, then of course the Google Form has been successfully created. However, it never hurts to add more questions as you wish. Below is how to add it:

  • Press menu Untitled Question
  • Then enter your question
  • If you want to change the question, press the down arrow
  • Select the Response menu
  • Select the Required menu if the question must be answered
  • Add a new question by pressing Add Question
  • Add existing questions by clicking Duplicate
  • To preview press the Preview menu
  • Press the text/photo/video icon to add media to the form
  • Add more questions by pressing the + . icon

How to Share Google Form Results

After successfully creating a form like the one above, it’s certainly not complete if you haven’t shared it. Therefore, make sure to know how first. You can send it to social media, email, or the web. Below are the steps:

  1. Share via Email

Did you know that the finished Google Form results can be shared via several social media such as email. For how to share it yourself is fairly easy. If you still don’t know it, then check out the reviews below:

  • At the top right of the form press the Send menu or Send
  • First collect the email you want to send
  • Choose by what method you want to submit the form
  • Enter the email address in the To or To field
  • Match the subject with the content as well as the message
  • Click the Insert Link menu
  • Copy and paste the link to email
  • Click on one of the social media icons, namely email
  • Form submission will be processed immediately
  1. Share Via Website

Besides being able to share via email, users can also share it on their respective websites. Unfortunately, there are still many people who don’t know how. Therefore, make sure to follow the steps below:

  • Press the Send menu or Send
  • Select the <> icon on the right
  • Copy the existing Embed HTML link
  • Make sure to log in to your WordPress dashboard
  • Press the Appearance menu
  • Select the Custom HTML menu
  • Choose where to put the Google Form
  • Press the Add Widget menu
  • Paste the Embed HTML link
  • Done

How to Check Google Forms Filling Results

If you have successfully shared it, don’t forget to check the results of filling out the Google Form. That way, you already know whether the filling is appropriate or not. To be more clear, see how to check in full below:

  • Login to Google Form creation account
  • Wait for the dashboard page to open
  • Press menu Responses
  • The page will display a summary of answers per question and per subject
  • You can already check the results of the form
  • If you want to download it, press the Download menu
  • Select an available format
  • Wait until the download is successful

That’s the explanation of several ways to create Google Forms. Now everyone no longer needs to input data manually because it will only waste a lot of time and effort. You can already use this one service for various purposes.

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