Free 14 Online Learning Apps from the Government

Free Online Learning Application from the Government. Studying online can certainly be more satisfying than studying with friends in class. There is nothing wrong with trying to use online learning tutoring with applications to reduce boredom and attract interest in learning with more enthusiasm.

There are many types of online training apps that you can choose from to gain additional knowledge. With online courses you can gain additional knowledge by learning to have fun anytime and anywhere. The difficulty of understanding the material while studying and doing homework at home can be eliminated with gadgets and internet quota. The questions here start from SD-SMA / SMK UTBK, USM, STAN, UTUL, UGM, and others:

There are at least 15+ online or offline learning platforms available for students in Indonesia. This is to help students understand the government’s policies due to the spread of the coronavirus while participating in distance learning.

Therefore, the government provides a separate platform for online education applications to the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud). Open the official website of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia here There are 15 platforms or applications available for students to study at

Best Free Online Learning Apps From The Government

1. Zenius

Free Online Learning Application without subscription from the Government (Kemendikbud). Zenius is an online education app launched on July 7, 2007. Zenius not only offers CD and DVD media but also Indonesian video format services offered by a website or application.
Compared to traditional teachers where students have to go to the learning center.

Zenius allows you to learn anytime and anywhere with just a smartphone. Overall Zenius is a great learning tool for young people. Zenius also put forward critical thinking of rational thinking and scientific knowledge in various discussions.

During this discussion you will be explained on the basis of basic concepts not just formulas. Of course , with teachers who are experts in their fields can explain to you what is explained.

2. Teacher’s Room

Ruang Guru is an online learning platform with many features for student learning and learning activities using online media (Android & iOS)

Most of the people are familiar with the first and most popular online learning application from Ruangguru. This online learning application has many features and is a complete learning service.

For example learning videos about animation exercises and training modules discussions and reviews of the social sciences. Ruangguru PAUD/TK SD also offers education level training from junior high school to high school.

3. Pahamify

Pahamify is one of the online tutoring platforms in Indonesia managed by PT Paham Cipta Pendidikan. Pahamify contains a variety of subject matter content or specialized resources that students can access to support their learning process.

The learning content in Pahamify comes with fun and engaging learning videos to make learning fun. The teacher or tutor who teaches is also experienced and can explain in one language that students can easily understand.

This online learning platform has been used by more than 1 million students. In addition, Pahamify also offers Try Out preparation for students who will enter PTN. Surprisingly, 8 out of 10 Participants of Pahamify Premium Try Out successfully completed their studies or entered national universities (PTN) throughout Indonesia. In addition, 7 out of 10 Pahamify Premium Try Out participants passed the first option.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a resource that empowers teachers to enable teachers to identify what students don’t understand tailoring their learning and meeting their needs. The Khan Academy experts and the library of experiences of mathematical sciences, sciences, economics and english language.

5. Cerebrum

The advantage of Cerebrum’s lesson is to see discussion videos, related to Try Out materials. Of course, our level of understanding is more optimal if we only watch discussion videos instead of watching or reading.

The discussion of the video may not be enough to understand. Don’t worry Cerebrum can also see the discussion of experimental materials through text discussions so that combining video-based discussion materials with text-based discussion materials will make learning You are more effective. This is very beneficial Cerebrum Bimbel for UTBK online.

6. Quiper

Quiper is an online learning startup that can be used for learning activities at home and at school. In schools, Quiper is commonly used as a learning complement for formal learning activities such as learning media for assessment activities or daily tests and semester exams to provide assignments to students.

However, if it is used at home, students will usually do homework given by Quiper users and can use it as an exercise to answer practice questions because of the questions in Quiper it’s completely appropriate. Used as material and medium to improve what is learned.

7. MTryout

MTryout is not inferior to other online learning applications MTryout is for those who want to excel in school and want to enroll in college. MTryout is an online course that can be used to help students succeed in school and pursue their dreams of studying at university.

This online learning app was launched 3 years ago (2017) and has been downloaded now. With more than 45,000 students in Indonesia. Success applications for this Grade can be received free of charge and at the end of the semester you will receive a special award for students participating in special programs.

8. Brainly

Brainly is an online learning app that can also be used as a learning solution. This online training site is known to be fun and interactive. The questions you create will soon be answered by users who use Brainly.

Various ideas are offered such as the history of the mathematical language of the social sciences and many other general sciences. Free Online Learning Application of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Government)

9. Classwe

The next best application-based online learning application is Kelaskita. The app has many users having at least 50 thousand users. In this app you will find many benefits in the education system which are social features.

These features allow users to interact with other users. So you can learn from other users. If your academic performance improves you will receive a digital certificate that you can print.

10. Our Table

List fill we Is Thematic and Equipped with forums that get Used to ask answer. DeskWe Provides material education free of charge and complete from Elementary and Junior High Schools and Provides Thousands Uploads Instructional by student from community student at entire Indonesian. Descriptors help student to learn at house so that they get Discuss question work house and assignment and share tips and material Learning Other.

11. iCANDO

CANDO is an educational app for children with a lesson plan that complies with the 2013 curriculum revision complete with hundreds of mini-games to increase children’s motivation at the ECCE level. and play Icando now.
Smart Bimbel

Don’t worry especially if you have trouble calculating your lessons. SMART Tutoring makes it easy to understand lessons you may find difficult. Bimbel Smart offers many subjects such as physics and chemistry mathematics which are often subjects that are not very much in demand.

12. Smart Classroom

Tired of mediocre teaching methods it’s time to take online lessons in smart classrooms. An online learning solution that can help you understand learning in a way that is not boring.

Developed by PT Extramarks Education Indonesia this application can be chosen as a fun learning solution. You can enroll in smart classes from elementary school to high school.

In addition to providing many benefits, smart lessons provide access to many interesting interactive learning features / facilities every day. There are three ways to teach such as Learn, Practice, and test.

Those are some suggestions for the best Indonesian language learning applications in Indonesia as a place to study other than school. Can’t wait to learn how to apply online now. Remember that your future is in each other’s hands. Start taking control of your future now!

13. Your school

The school provides unlimited curriculum transfer to subjects through a real-time assessment plan. Your school develops skills for children of all different ages and levels.

Your school has become a collaborative hub for hundreds of schools and institutions selected to do this work by offering curricular programs to suit their needs.

14. Google for Education

To help online learning especially those studying the CoVID-19 epidemic in different countries Google for Education is using Chromebooks and G-Suite to enable virtual learning with only low internet connectivity. They provide us with teaching services.

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