12 Recommended Book Download Sites

When you want to download digital books, free book download sites can be the right choice. The reason is, users no longer need to pay any fees to use the facilities. Moreover, its use is also legal so there is no need to worry anymore.

12 Free Book Download Sites for You

Now anyone can easily download books for free at no cost. Whether it’s using a cellphone, laptop, tablet, or PC. Therefore, make sure you first know the recommended site. Below are some of them:

  1. OpenLibrary.org

You are certainly familiar with this one application. Especially for those who like to read books. In this digital era, of course, it is very important to use the site as a digital/online library.

Later you can access it to read various types of books for free. There are more than 20 million ebook collections. There is also a feature to perform a search so it is very easy to use. This application will also group ebooks according to their theme.

  1. DuniaDownload.com

You can use it as an application to download a collection of ebooks for free. There are thousands of ebooks in Indonesian with various topics. Starting from comics, food recipes, business, novels, computers, SEO, tourism, and many more.

Not only that, you can also register as a contributor. That way, you can regularly upload posts on the website. In addition, this application also often holds lottery prizes. Of course there’s nothing wrong with using it.

  1. BSE or Kemendikbud’s Electronic School Book

It is one of the sites to download official textbooks from the Ministry of Education and Culture. You can use this site alone to download more than 1300 textbooks. Starting from elementary, junior high, high school, or vocational school for free at no cost.

The purpose of this program is to make it easier for teachers, guardians, and especially students to get learning materials. There is also a student version of the textbook, making it very suitable for those who are still in school.

  1. Indonesian Ebook

Do you want to read novels? If so, then just take advantage of the Indonesia Ebook site. Namely a collection of local novels and complete translations. Every user can download it for free and certainly easy. Of course very suitable for lovers of novels.

However, several other book themes are also available. Starting from non-fiction and fiction in other digital formats. You can also get well-known best-selling books on the market in general. Ebook translations can also be downloaded for free at no cost.

  1. Project Gutenberg

It is one of the oldest and most comprehensive free ebook download sites in the world. How come? This site has been around since 1975 and still exists today. There are more than 60,000 e-books that you can download according to your needs.

If you want to read it, users can take advantage of the epub format for free. You can also download and read them online. There are also classic literature books so it is very exciting when visiting this one site.

  1. Google Books

As the name implies, you can use this site to download complete books and ebooks. There is a search feature to browse books. With this service, it would be a shame to miss it. The reason is, its use is free of charge.

Of course it will be very easy for you to find the book you want. To search for it, then simply write down the keyword. Whether it’s the title of the book, year of publication, the topic of the book, the name of the author, and much more. This site has also been integrated with Android application services from Google.

  1. Oapen.org

You can take advantage of this application to easily download various types of academic books. The download process itself is also free without the need to pay any fees. Moreover, this site has also worked directly with a number of publishers.

No wonder there is quality control over his books. You can also turn this Oapen into a digital library with its head office in the Netherlands. Of course, you don’t have to come to the office because the services can be accessed online.

  1. Bookboon.com

Including one of the e-book sites that are already quite popular. Users will be able to get a complete collection of books with various categories. Especially business and marketing. Moreover, there are already many people who visit the site.

Therefore, if you have the same interests then there is no harm in trying to visit them. No need to worry about running out of categories, because there are also several books with other categories so you don’t get bored easily.

  1. Manybooks.net

You need to know, that Manybooks is an ebook download site made by Bruce Hartman. There are at least more than 33,000 books available on the site. Of course every user can access it or download it for free.

Therefore, of course it would be a shame if you didn’t use it. You can even use the search feature by language, recommended book, title, type, or author. Also get some popular books on the site.

  1. ebookdirectory.com

Is one site that provides more than 20,000 ebooks. As on other sites, users will be able to download the ebook for free. Of course there is no need to pay additional fees so it saves money.

For the category itself is quite a lot. Starting from tutorials, publishing, marketing, references, literature, computers and the internet, children, business, and many others. Therefore, make sure to go directly to the site first.

  1. getfreebooks.com

You can also use book download sites. None other than getfreebooks.com. Users will be able to find a complete collection of books or ebooks. The categories are also complete so you don’t have to worry.

Starting from science books, horror stories, short stories, fiction, fantasy, and so on. Not only that, the site will also offer every user with top compilations. Therefore, make sure to visit it directly.

  1. ebooklobby.com

This one site is certainly no less interesting than the others. Each user will be able to find various categories of ebooks as they wish. Starting from biographies, children’s books, art and photography, business and investment, computers and the internet, law, and much more.

Of course you can get as well as download various ebooks as needed for free. Therefore, it never hurts to take advantage of this site if you want to get an ebook at no cost and it’s also legal to use it.

Those were the recommendations for free book download sites that you can make your choice. If you want to get ebooks or digital books for free, then try visiting some of the sites above. Of course, this method is more economical than having to buy a new book.

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