10 Android Graphic Design Apps

It is undeniable, the presence of smartphones today is not only used as a means of communication or playing games. But it can also be used to help various human jobs, such as graphic designers who are required to continue working to hone skills.

There are quite a few applications that you can use to draw and create designs. However, if you can rely on it to create extraordinary design works, we need to research it a bit in order to get an application with good features and performance.

For that, YaTekno here tries to overcome this. YaTekno has managed to collect 5 graphic design applications for Android as well as 2 additional applications that can increase work productivity and showcase your portfolio. Anything? Check this out!

10 Android Graphic Design Apps

  1. Canva

The Canva graphic design application, which has been around since 2012, is no stranger to the general public and internet marketers alike. This design application is cloud-based and has several advantages over other graphic design-related applications.

One of them is in terms of design where Canva provides various types of designs that have a certain resolution. The design types are grouped into several categories, namely documents, marketing, ads, events, education, personal, and social media.

Another advantage is that there are thousands of design templates that can be used for free for various needs. To use Canva, you don’t need to install because the application is cloud/web based and available on iPhone and Android.

  1. Desygner

No less good than Canva, the Desygner design application is a web-based design application in the graphic design field. The advantage is in the wide selection of tools that are used as a designer or image maker for all needs.

In addition, this application makes it easy for graphic designers who are beginners because it looks so simple, especially when you want to add text, layers, rearrange some items, to adjust photos. This app is suitable for active users of social media.

The Desygner application has various features that can be used to beautify your design work such as images, text, shapes, to icons. This application can indeed be used for free, but there are still paid elements, templates, and stock photos.

  1. GoDaddy Studio

Maybe not many people are familiar with this GoDaddy Studio graphic design application. Even though it’s not popular yet, you can try it to make it easier to create a variety of visual content on smartphones, tablets, or computers without the hassle of making it.

This design application has the advantage of being in the form of thousands of templates that you can add elements such as fonts, colors, and text to easily. Another advantage is that the GoDaddy Studio application is specially designed for you who are beginners.

Interestingly, this application provides a free version to produce professional designs in just minutes. You can also try the Basic Marketing + Website plan if you are looking for some premium and paid templates.

  1. Posters

The Posters application is a design application available on both Android and iPhone mobile phones. This application is specially designed for you Instagram social media users who want to get various template designs for making flyers or banners on Instagram.

This application is suitable for those of you who are running an online business and want the design results to look attractive when viewed by potential consumers. With this application, you can create designs that are your own creativity for free.

The Posters application provides many cool fonts, hundreds of stickers, to provide the flexibility to create animations on stories or business account posts. In fact, this application can also help you create puzzle feeds, edit fonts, and design carousel posts.

  1. Infinite Design

The Infinite Design application is a design application intended for graphic designers who use Android smartphones. Its use is for vector image processing. This app excels in the area of ​​its UI which is elegant and easy to use.

This graphic design application has a variety of tools that are specifically specialized for the creation of lines and shapes. Various tools available in the Infinite Design application include Circle, Lazy, Arc, Pen, Rectangle, to Line with their respective functions.

  1. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Those of you who are graphic designers are certainly familiar with Adobe Illustrator software on PC. Yes, this 2D graphics software does have complete features for creating designs or vector images.

In addition to providing the software on a PC, the good news is that Adobe as a developer has also presented a version of the application on smartphones (Android & iOS) under the name Adobe Illustrator Draw.

This application is designed with a simple appearance but with features that can support you to be able to draw or create vector-based designs, such as cartoons, comics, and so on.

Besides being equipped with various drawing features, there is also a feature that allows you to send your designs to Illustrator and Photoshop software on a PC to add designs or certain things that cannot be done on a smartphone.

  1. Logo Generator & Logo Maker

This is a logo maker application that is intended for you beginner graphic designers who want to create a logo design in no time.

Wait a minute. Even so, you who are professionals can also use this application to find ideas or inspiration because this application provides thousands of logo templates that can be edited in such a way that it is unique and different from the original.

You can start by selecting a logo template and then editing it by changing the background, color, adding ornaments, and so on.

  1. How to Draw – Easy Lessons

If you are a Visual Communication Design student who is often faced with drawing activities, the How to Draw application presented by Artfonic can be used to help you.

This application will provide tutorials or steps on how to draw easily. Currently, the How to Draw application provides dozens of tutorials on drawing different objects, such as cartoon characters, animals, cars, planes, and so on.

Not only intended for graphic designers, this application is also suitable for parents who want to teach their children to draw.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Graphic designers usually really like the activity of making photos more interesting. If the software on your PC that you usually use for photo editing is Photoshop Lightroom, the good news is that the Adobe developer has officially released it for Android & iOS smartphone users.

Once you open this graphic design application, you will see a display dominated by black that looks simple but professional. The features presented are similar to the desktop version, so for those of you who often rely on Photoshop Lightroom software, then you will be very easy to adapt to this application.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Fix

One more professional photo editing application that you deserve to rely on is Adobe Photoshop Fix. After previously this application was only present on iOS devices, finally the developer also launched it on Android.

Developed by Adobe whose name is already very strong among laymen to professionals, making Adobe Photoshop Fix comes with a variety of reliable features for photo retouching.

You who like to take selfies, you can use this application to reduce dissatisfaction with your photos. With its various tools, you can even change hair color, whiten your face, smoothen wrinkles, and much more. Cool, right?

Yes… that’s 10 graphic design android apps and 2 additional apps that can help boost work productivity and save your design portfolio. Oh yes, if you have other mainstay applications that you use often, please provide recommendations via the comments column, yes.

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